May 21, 2009


Today is another Swedish holiday, not sure why it’s a holiday, but I must admit I am grateful for a day off. Work, of late, has been a bit overwhelming, not in the sense that I dislike it more that our kids have been fighting a lot and one little boy has been bullying the others, which for any teacher is heart breaking. I love all the children I work with. Children have a way of reaching into our hearts and melting even the most bitter of dispositions. As soon my patience’s runs out and my frustration kicks in, one of them always smiles, laughs, or shouts in joy, instantly dissolving my anger. Children really are a blessing. On another note, I’ve been listening a lot to Jars of Clays new cd ‘The long fall back to earth’. As with almost all of their cds, except for ‘Good Monsters’, it needed a few good listens before it impacted me, but now I am hooked. Especially ‘Two Hands’, one of the lyrics reads ‘I have a broken disposition; I’m a liar who thirsts for the truth’. It’s such a realistic point of view. I, we, are liars, all of us, not one of us can save ourselves or make ourselves better, yet, we can long, search, actively pursue truth. An amazing mystery, we all have the equal right to find truth, truth through Christ, has been given to us freely, yet almost everything in us has to pay a great price to( dying to the flesh, ect.) openly receive truth. It’s amazing how my mind reasons with the world; I having been feed the truth, Gods truth, since I was born, still question many of the foundations my life is built upon. Indeed, things might have been different if my Father had never done the things he did, but then again perhaps not. It is important for everyone to form and reform the foundation and truths we choice to stand upon. I just wish I would listen more to the truth than the lie, but often the lie has a way of sounding like the truth…until next time. Lize