Oct 28, 2009

Citizenships, marriage, and taxes.

You would assume that marrying someone from a different country is hard, it is, but it's not the culture or language barrier that is the most difficult, no, it's the visas. Ahh, the headaches we went through in order for me to finally stay here in Sweden. Now, after many sleepless nights, I am a Swedish citizen, but it's not over, nope, we get to start anew with Christofer!

 Waking up at 7a.m, driving through Stockholm traffic, paying a ridiculous parking fee, and then having to wait in line, outside, in the rain. Finally when they call your name, you have to surrender all your personal possessions. your mobile phones, your coats, your headphones, your books, 'Wait, is that a candy bar. Give it here. Might be some gun powder in that thing.'  Through the metal detector and in to an even longer line. I almost forgot to mention the pile of forms and papers you need to fill in, print, and sign, prior to and while in line. To make matters worse, when we finally made it to the little window, that is your only view and contact with the 'embassy clerks'. People, who in general, are picked for their rude manners and cold stares. I'm almost positive that it must be the main requirement to work for Embassies:

 Hiring officer: 'Can you be a bad ass?'
 Employee to be: 'Yes,'
 Hiring officer: 'At all times? No matter if a beautiful woman,a generally nice guy, or a cute kids walk in?'
 Empolyee to be: 'Yes, especially if its cute kids. I hate kids, I hate women, I hate men.'
 Hiring officer: 'Good. Now, let me see your worse scowl.'
 Empolyee to be: 'I hate you'
 Hiring officer: 'Your Hired'

 As I was saying. We finally made it to the little window, when, after giving proof of our marriage, our living together, our living in Sweden together, me living in Sweden, (Like I could speak Swedish without living in the Country, who would learn Swedish just for the heck of it?) our buying things together, our apartment together, our car together, our electricity bill, and the miracle that we actually know each other. We were than informed that Christofer, whose name is Carl Albin Christofer Karltorp, though in Sweden middle names most often appear in several different places. (So never assume that just because a name appears first that it is a first name.)  Should have signed all his forms with Carl Albin Christofer instead of Christofer Carl Albin. So, it began again. New papers, new forms, new everything and then after all the loads of papers were received, the wait continued. While you wait you are given a detailed list of the things you will have to throw money at if they even consider your petition.

Doctors appointment, private doctor(so much for social healthcare): x amount of dollars.
Criminal record (even if you don't have one): y amount of dollars.
Military record: z amount of dollars 
Tax forms: a amount of dollars
baa: b amount of dollars
boo: c amount of dollars
eek: d amount of dolalrs.

x+y*a+b+c*d= 'you didn't know you where supposed to be a millionaire in order to marry someone from a different country?! Hmm, too bad, should have figured that one out earlier.' 

Finally the speakers announced that they were ready for our first, of many, interviews. 
Clerk: 'Eliza Anne Karltorp'
Me: 'Thats me'
Clerk: 'Your petitioning for a Carl'
Me: 'Who?'
Clerk: 'Carl Albin Christofer Karltorp'
Me: 'Oh, right, my husband.'

Let the fun begin...

Oct 22, 2009

Rainbows and Butterflies

Sometimes I wonder what life is all about. That's not to say I don't know, it's more like a feeling of everything is so much bigger than little me and that, in itself, leaves me feeling completely lost. I believe in God. I will always believe in God, but that doesn't exclude me from worries and fears.
Today, I cut my hair short. It felt good to cut off the dead ends and the droopiness and feel the new me, short, puffy hair, but when I came home, I missed my long hair, even though my long hair wasn't that long. That is how life feels some times. We long for change, for something else, but when we finally get what we thought we wanted it’s not really what we wanted in the first place.
I remember all my life wanting to be married. Since I was a little girl I dreamed up a gorgeous wedding and a romantic life. I tried with all my might to act like I didn't want be married, because I knew how disappointed I would be if I never did marry. I did marry, very young as well, and I am grateful for my husband. I love him and marriage is great, but then again it's not always rainbows and butterflies.
Rainbows and butterflies: A rainbow equals a promise. A promise from God to never allow our lives to be flooded, but not necessarily a promise that it will never rain again, it will rain; it may even pour, yet with God we can stay afloat. Butterflies, they are beautiful, but not before they are fully grown. One would never believe that a larva could turn into a colorful flying insect, if it wasn't for the fact that others have gone before. We are often in the larva state, but others have gone before us and turned into gorgeous butterflies. We need only the patience, the endurance, and the willingness to change.

Oct 12, 2009

It is that time of year again when the warm,comforting breeze is replaced with the chilly, cruel gust of winds, and the cheerful, green leaves blush into a thousand different shades. Then the clouds start, from one minute to the next, all baby blue and smiling, to dark, rolling, wisps of gray. The absolute worst is our darling sun whom all of a sudden becomes very drowsy, stealing hour after hour away from our days to feed her craving for sleep. Soon and very soon the tears of autumn will freeze into the weeping of winter...

Oct 8, 2009


Lots of thoughts running around my head of late. One of the most impacting has been the thought of my future. I, at the moment, have no definite plans, and that has caused many worried days and nights. What should I pursue, what do I like to do, what talents do I have, what, when, where...but all too often I am caught up in the Worlds swirling vortex of allowing fame, riches, and accomplishments become my main pursuit while forgetting the even bigger things, the things that truly determine who we are, character, for example: Humility, faithfulness, kindness, ect. Too much of my daily life is split up into what I've done, or not done, not who I've been. Have I encouraged someone today? Have I spoken kindly to those around me? Most importantly to those closes to me. Have I been willing to give a helping hand or have I been too absorbed with me, myself, and I?
Someone once told me that maybe it's not so much what we do but who we are in life. I believe those words are true, but so often I fail to allow them to affect me. That's not too say that we shouldn't pursue our dreams, but I wonder sometimes if our dreams are the right dreams... I could write for hours, but who would ever want to read that?
Actually, to be honest, not many read my blog. I like it that way ;)