Nov 28, 2010


Two days after Thanksgiving and I'm still tired after all that food and all that cleaning :) Christofer and I made the house look lovely, I even made decorations, for those who know me making decorations is a very big step.

  My grandma, great aunt, uncle and aunt, baby cousin, baby brother, dear friends Adam and Lindsey and then, of course, my husband, all joined us for a lovely dinner. Lindsey made peanut butter pie that was fantastic. All the food was good. Thanksgiving is, after all, about eating yummy food and enjoying each others company :)

  I really do live a fantastic life, I am so, so grateful for everyone who has mean't so much for me over the years. Especially Christofer ♥

  I've actually been reflecting on Squanto as well. If you don't know who he is it's worth looking him up and reading his story. Rather fantastic! Though he was captured by, Thomas Hunt, an English man who tried selling him, he was able to learn English from a ship traitor and then move back to America and ended up helping the Pilgrims, he is one of the reasons they survived. He taught them how to fish, how to plant and helped make, at least for little while, peace between them and the Indians. Of course the rest of the story isn't as glamours, as my sister-in-law and a few other people like to point out, but, as with all wars, both sides are to blame. Of course there is no excuse for the way the American Indians where treated during both the 'Trail of Tears' and many other times, but that does not mean we should not celebrate a time when both peoples group came together to thank God and one another for surviving nearly impossible circumstances.

  Anyway, it's been a lazy two days. Friday we did nothing except eat ice cream, watch movies, and spent sometime with my grandmother, aunt, uncle and little cousin. Today we went to a movie, at 1pm with Lindsey and Adam, then we ate dinner with them and had really great conversations. I also happened to leave my purse at the restaurant, thankfully Adam and Lindsey were able to pick it up, and we ended the evening with Peets, ahh coffee thou art one of my true loves. Oh I also ended up slamming their bike rack on my head and am now suffering a bit of a bruised forehead. Why am I so klutzy?

 Now I think Guimo from our Church might stop by and Christofer is trying to save the World, video game world, and Ethan is sound asleep. I think I might go read a book or perhaps eat some more left overs.


Nov 18, 2010

A little breather

Working on Zerply's 'frequently asked questions.' I needed a little break to work through some thoughts.

  It's been a strange week so far. I've discovered lots that I need to work on and lots that I wish I already knew. After Christofer's youngest sister left life sort of went back to 'normal.' I don't really have a 'normal' life, but things calmed down, at least for a while.

  Rather nice, helps us focus on Zerply and life here in Mountain View. Our goal is to try and be more of an impact. It's easy to disappear in a new place, which has been good for awhile, but I think Christofer and I need people around us, we need to encourage and be encouraged, so we are aiming to get more involved, whatever that may entail. Our Church has been so great and our dear friends Adam and Lindsey and our gym. God is so good to us, even when weeks feel out of ordinary.

 Christofer and I have several back up plans in case things don't work out here in Cali, our new plan is missionaries in a Third World Country, then we will disappear, but for now, we are putting the pedal to the metal.

  Hello Cali.


Nov 8, 2010

Visiting Ruth and the rest of the week.

 Almost a complete week since I visited my dear friend Ruth Hitchcock in Lynchburg Virginia. I had a good time but I was a bit naive to how much we would be doing. I ran after her at full speed trying to get a grip on the days. College students have a much tougher and busier life than I imagined. Still, it was loads of fun. I was able to meet her roommates and spent time with her closest friends. One of her best friends took me around while Ruth had rehearsal. Ruth's play 'The Last Night Of Ballyhoo' was fantastic, I saw it three times and would of gladly seen it again. Also, my sister, cousin and another friend came for a day, which made the week even better. We were able to walk around the campus and hike in the Mountains. Virginia does have Fall color and mountains to it's name even if Lynchburg, Virginia, the town I stayed in, is a tiny place.

 Liberty College in itself was a very interesting place. The very first day I went to dinner with Ruth and her Theatre friends at the Student cafeteria, I had literally just stepped off the plane, and to my surprise a girl came up to me and informed me that I was out of 'dress code'. I had been teased by Ruth that the dress code was strict and I needed to keep my swearing down :) However, I wasn't really expecting to be called out since I don't consider myself to dress immodest. Still, Ruth had just walked away from me and I stood there looking completely dumbfounded as she asked to see my student id. I told her I didn't have any and she gave me a 'of course you don't' look and asked to see my drivers license. As I walked back to the table to fetch my purse, the girl happened to know one of the girls in Ruth's theater group so she let me off the hook. At least it made for a very good story to tell all the Liberty Students :)
  Besides that little incident, I had a wonderful welcoming from Ruth's friends and I felt very much at home. The worship services and prayer times where very encouraging and it made me miss Betel, our Church in Sweden. It's amazing that a College exists to bring glory to God, even if they perhaps are a little too focused on the outward appearance.

 Upon arriving home I carried with me one of the worst colds I have had in a long time. The flight was a complete nightmare, infected ears popping are horrendous, and I was so happy to see Christofer that I nearly cried. Christofer put me to bed with lots of cough drops, kleenex, and tea and I slept for a few hours and then I awoke to the men in the house heading off to our startup workshop. I wrapped myself in blankets and watched 'Return to Cranford'. Andrea, Christofer's youngest sister arrived late that night and the next day Christofer's mom flew in. We had two days of exploring and then Christofer's mom traveled on towards Australia. She is a prestiges doctor wanted in all corners of the earth.

 That brings us to today. Sunday, daylight savings was last night and yesterday was a Wedding in San Fran and movie night with Adam and Lindsey. Today was mostly indoor since it rained which included burritos, ice cream, chips, a movie, and poker. I beat my little brother last night, but it most of been beginners luck since I lost tonight, thankfully it's just chips no real money.

Now, off to bed and to prepare for a fun week ahead. Zerply will be needing some TLC :)