Jun 17, 2009


Well, for the past couple of months my husband has been encouraging me to start a business. It started with me, once again, complaining about my complete lack of knowing what to do with my life. He was, once again, helping me to look ahead and not down, which I have a tendence to do, and came up with the small idea of starting a business. Its a great idea, really it is and I am one hundred percent for it, just one small draw back, I have no idea what to start a business in! However, last night we befell upon an idea. Caroline, my sister-n-law and I were sharing our career woes with one another when she happened to mention that we should start a business. Instantly, as if some one turned on a fire alarm, Christofer was at the computer shouting out thoughts, ideas, opinions. In the end we came to the conclusion that we both are relatively good at two of the same things: English(which is sort of a given on my side) and People(You can almost read 'people friendly' on carolines face) So, now for the drum role. We decided to try to start an English course for the Retired. I'm already getting nervous, but I think its worth a shot...

Jun 9, 2009

All right now

Had sort of a awful day. Was really tired and was hoping to get off work to spend the last few hours with Abe, but they couldn't find any substitute for me, so there was nothing else to do,up bright and early. Though I was able to get off early and was able to help Abe pack. Caroline took him to the train station and by time she came home I was already in dream world. I slept for about three hours, a needed three hours. Sleep is rather amazing. I was so incredible down and out, but after sleeping it was as if I woke up to a new World. Even though I did dream that Abe missed his train. I'm sure going to miss Abe, yet I am so happy we were able to have the past year together. Feel a lot closer and am so grateful for my little brother. I suppose God knew we needed sleep. Sleep, atleast for me, seems to be the cure for almost everything. Have a lot on my mind. Really need to sit down with Christofer and talk. Thats the best thing about being married. Being able to talk to someone about everything and knowing that no matter what they understand and still love you. I'll write soon./lize