Jul 21, 2010

Late night attitude monster

Once in a awhile, alright quite often, we work late, really late, it's 12:16am and I have a feeling it might be a few more hours before we head off to bed. Don't feel bad for us because we bring it upon our own heads. Today we woke up late and spent the afternoon shopping, which means late night guilt work. The problem is after about 11 or 11:30pm this really awful monster appears. I have no idea where it comes from but it just sticks it's evil little head up and starts getting stressed and angry over silly little matters.

Example: Me peacefully working on quickbooks, sorting through papers, trying to figure out a good system when all of a sudden quickbooks online starts freezing up and the nasty LNA monster enters, (LNA=late night attitude) almost breaking the hole puncher, blaming Christofer for not having the right verifications, clicking madly at the screen, complaining about the music, and making my eyes hurt. It is an awful nuisance and I fear the only way to scary It off is to, well, send it straight to bed or feed it coffee and candy. I'll go for the coffee and candy trick.

Ahh much better, haven't seen It around and I guess I better get back to my work, I should, however, first apologize to my dear husband for the monsters terrible manners.


 Some pictures from our shopping spree. Christofer helped me pick out the dress, and the lady at the Store helped me with the accessorizes, it's for Linn, Christofer's sisters, wedding! Only two weeks until we are in Sweden. Yippee!


Jul 16, 2010


 Another week gone by and with it Sushi, workouts, strawberries, the new twilight movie, Church, Taaniel, a terrible meetup, and Zerply. All in all a rather normal week except for the terrible meetup and the lack of Taaniel. He flew back to Estonia for his cousins wedding and left us with an empty chair, a 27" monitor(which I'm sure Christofer will claim as his own) and oatmeal.

 A few things I've discovered this week.
1 I need to read more.
2 This song makes me both happy and sad.
3 I love being able to call my friends and family.
4 I miss being able to call friends and family in Sweden.
5 Jealousy and revenge will destroy you.
6 Beautiful photos make me happy.
7 It's important to take correction.
8 This is the epitome of Christofer and that makes me a very blessed wife.

Jul 9, 2010

Loads of fun

  We've had a crazy week doing crazy things with a crazy lady! That lady being Polly Hitchcock. We have a tradition of traveling together, last year we were in Portugal, the year before we met up in Nice(that sounds so incredibly snotty, but it's true!) and this year we explored California. From San Fran to Berkley, Berkley to Sonoma, Sonoma till LA. Laughing, talking, praying, exploring, it was definitely a trip to remember but also a bit exhausting! The 4th of July came and went and while we ended up in Pacifica, the land of fog, it actually was quite clear and we had a grand time with my relatives. Now lots of work to catch up on and soon we are off to Sverige. It will be nice to be back in my second homeland. For now bed, but first a few pictures, I chose only the good ones :)