Apr 12, 2011


After having both blogs for a bit I've decided to leave dear blogger...tears...and move to tumblr! It's just easier to have everything in the same spot and I have to admit that the more you play with tumblr the more fun it becomes. I will of course occassionally stop back in and see how blogger is fairing but for now. Goodbye blogger, hello Tumblr....


Apr 5, 2011

I wish...

 Headaches could explain themselves. The weekend was a flurry of activities, work all day Saturday, Sunday Church and then volunteer work, where we mulched beds, never done that before (ahem) and then we went and saw 'Jane Eyre', a dark and beautiful movie. We went with a bunch of people from Church, some of them had no idea what Jane Eyre was so I felt a bit bad when they came out looking a bit depressed. It is a story of woe, but also of redemption. I can't wait until it comes out! So I can re-watch it.

Anyways, the reason I would like headaches to explain themselves is I am at the moment suffering from one that just won't go away! It came upon me last night, we were at a meetup and it hurt so badly I couldn't look straight and today it's still here! I slept in, drank a bunch of water, ate a little, took aspirin and it still hasn't wavered! It would be so nice if it just told me, 'Eliza you need four glasses of water, more coffee, or two hours of sleep.' Then I would do what it's asking and all would be grand! If only...

Apr 1, 2011


It's been a blistering 75 degrees over here in Mountain View Ca. Absolutely stunning weather! It makes it sort of hard to work inside, but yesterday I scratched up some leftovers and with:
Lemons from our neighbors tree
juicer from my mother
Lemon juice
A little bit of white wine
Hearts and flowers
mixing it all together
An afternoon in the sun!