May 13, 2010

Goodbye Tallinn...

It is my dear sister-in-law Caroline's Birthday today, hurray! And it's our last day in Estonia. Very sad, I'm going to miss it. Christofer and I cleaned and packed our little apartment today. The apartment in itself has been the place we have slept and basically nothing else, so it's not hard to say goodbye, but Tallinn, well, it is just one of those places that I have grown to love. I'm going to miss the lovely little old town and it's gorgeous stone buildings and walls. I might even miss the Soviet looking grey buildings, probably not, but there is a sort of familiarity about them now. The office is probably one of the saddest ordeals. The view has been so incredibly inspiring and now its time to say goodbye... well, it's, once again, a new season. I've had a lot of new seasons in my life and I don't think they are about to stop. I can't complain, I really do love new adventures.

 Cheers mates!

  Goodbye Tallinn...

Hello San Francisco!

May 10, 2010

Last week in Tallinn

Actually less then a week in Tallinn. Sort of sad...Christofer and I, while walking to get lunch, talked about how we are going to miss it. Tallinn is beautiful and it has a sort of familiarity about it. I think I shall always consider it sort of a home to me, to us.

  Zerply, the site we are building, is almost finished. I'm waiting anxiously to try it out! While I wait I need to figure out all the wording around the site, which isn't easy and often on the borderline of cheesy or too serious. A very thin line, I need that thin line because I want our site to be funny but serious, attractive and intriguing. It should make you want to go on because the site in itself is so cool...yes, I suppose everyone wants their sites to convey that, but it's important to dream, ey?

  Well, better get back to work. Christofer is talking to Polly and it sounds like they have some good things on the rise. Taaniel and Josef are working on the Beta, they both seem a little stressed. They really are amazing workers.

  In two weeks Christofer and I move to California...ahhh....that's all I can say :)


May 6, 2010


I have been craving pretzels for the past four days and today I finally went down and bought them. Ahh, thats one thing I am definitely looking forward to in America, cheap pretzels! I made a list today of everything we have to do back in Sweden, we have  a week to get it all done, it doesn't seem possible and looking at the list freaks me out. However, for now I shall munch on my pretzels, drink my pink grapefruit, write for our Zerply blog and enjoy the day.

Adjö gott folk!

Yum Yum....

May 5, 2010

Just one of those weeks

Well, it's only Wednesday so i shouldn't discount the week entirely, but it has been a bit difficult. We have all been tired and a little out of humor. Things just aren't coming together exactly the way we would like them to, but then again they are coming together. We found a house in Silicon Valley! Thanks to my great Aunt Berna! Last night we went up to the Raddisson hotel, overlooking Tallinn, and had drinks to celebrate. However, I woke up exhausted because we didn't get home until 1am. Christofer had to rush to the Office to make it in time for Josef, and when I came around he had received a rather nasty e-mail from a former client. Clients can be so cruel! Yet then again, if I take a minute to reflect on everything. I am amazed by how blessed we are, we have had tremendous success with Josef our programmer and though we have a had a few misunderstanding here and there, for the most part we have all gotten along. Which is more than I expected when you spend almost ever wakening moment together. The sun is shining over Tallinn today and though it is still cold outside, the trees and the flowers are fighting hard to blossom.
   Well, working on writing relatives and asking for any furniture. Feels sort of strange, but we don't have enough money to buy couches and beds and most of my mom's relatives have been more than helpful. I hope and pray Christofer and I are successful so we can help others in a time of need. We have had so much help from so many people, its overwhelming in the sweetest way when I look back over our life.

  I found the office that I would like to have someday. Right now we will probably end up having our office in our living room and perhaps having our Pilate balls as chairs. I found an article on home offices and this would be my ideal office:

it reminds me of something you would find in New York or Chicago. Very trendy and very cool. Who knows
Perhaps someday! 

Better get back to work.....