Oct 28, 2010

San Francisco, Charlotte NC, Lynchburg VA

Flew out this morning from San Francisco to Charlotte North Caroline. The flight left at 7:15 am and the ascent was one of the most beautiful sites ever. The sun was sliding slowly up painting a canvas of bright orange, pink and red. The fog, that hung low, lined the mountains with a hazy pink, the hazy pink then bled into the bright red and orange which in it's turn disintegrated into baby blue. The Mountains burned vividly and the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge glistened. San Francisco is definitely one of the most stunning cities I have seen, that is when the fog isn't hiding it.

We are now soaring over lake Tahoe, making for quite a lovely view. I wish I wasn't so tired otherwise I could spend the next four hours gazing at the rolling hills and snow tipped tops, but alas my eyes are heavy with sleep. Poor Christofer had to wake up at 5 to make sure I made to the airport it in time, he is such a fantastic husband. I'm going to miss him, but boy oh boy am I excited to visit Ruth. That was one of my main frustrations living in Sweden, it was impossible to visit any of my friends at their different Colleges. Any time we flew back to the States we were swamped with family and friends in Ohio. Now, I have the freedom to take a few days and experience Ruth's life away at school. I'm pretty sure I'll be grateful to not be living in a dorm eating cafeteria food, but it will be fun nonetheless.

I'm sure I will have plenty of time to write this week, so keep a look out for many a more blog posts :)


Oct 24, 2010

Rain, rain on my face.

Yes I do live in California, and yes I did not believe the rather spoiled Californians(spoiled when it comes to weather that is) when they said it rains a lot, but recently, well, the past two days, it has rained quite a lot. Today I was at a baby shower in Gilroy and on the way home I literally thought an accident had occurred, but no it was just the rain. People are so shocked around here after being tricked by the four straight months of solid sunshine that they have no capacity to actually drive in it. I'm not saying I'm better equipped, I drove slowly because I was afraid that I would plow into someone, I mean I have driven in snow, rain and hail, but all things considered. Alright, so I was a little proud of my rough upbringing, I mean I plowed snow when I was sixteen for crying out loud, but I do know that pride doesn't help in any circumstance so I drove at the normal speed and passed a few rather fancy cars in my little Toyota. :)

 All and all it's been a rather eventless week. Christofer has been a bit under the weather, which has lead to us watching a little more tv then actually needed and my little brother Ethan has officially moved in. Ethan does have a way of lighting up the house, he keeps us smiling even when we don't want to and he has a way of sounding like an expert about everything. He is also very handy, so lots of things have been fixed and put in place, Score! Other than that he is an 18yr old guy and all that implies, so a few nods and sighs have been directed his way when I take on my 'older sister' identity, but all and all we are grateful he is here. He sure brings a new dimension to the house of silent programmer, business guy and wife. A good dimension.

  On a new note, I am off soon for a week at Liberty College in Virginia. I am SOO looking forward to it. I need a break from guys. What's better than meeting my two best friends and sister. Joy!


Oct 17, 2010

'Strange things are happening to me...

Ain't no doubt about it.' Thats from a song, Toy Story, Randy Newman, if you were wondering. It's true, strange things have been happening to me and unfortunately since it's been almost a week since the tough mudder, you can see our video here. I really have to stop blaming the strange things on my sore body, because I'm not sore anymore. Anyway, this morning we met my Aunt and Uncle in Half Moon Bay and after breakfast I was talking to my Aunt and walked straight into a pole. Yes, a pole. What a silly place to have a pole on the side of a sidewalk, I mean, come on, I was trying to walk! One more strange thing, well, more embarrassing than strange, (Not that walking into a pole isn't embarrassing enough!) Anyway, Christofer and I spent all Thursday at the DMV getting our California licenses and I failed the written test twice, yes, twice and both times by one point, crazy! I finally took the book and read through it while we ate lunch and passed the test by two points. Yet, that was Thursday so I'm sure it had something to do with the Tough Mudder, right?

  So, today after spending time with my Aunt and Uncle and the world's cutest cousin, Makayla♥ Christofer and I chanced it and drove down to Bean Hollow State Beach to see the Blue whale that washed ashore a few weeks ago.  It was an amazing site but also very, very sad, such a huge creature. There wasn't many people there, but the ones that where there all seemed a little moved. The scripture verse that comes to mind is 'His invisible attributes are clearly seen' I just can't imagine, even with a wild imagination, that a whale came from the big bang, it was created, everything about the beautiful mammal seems to scream it.  You can read more about it here.

  Afterwards we drove back a new road and discovered once again how much we love California. It doesn't seem to matter where you drive, the views seem to just keep get better and better. It leaves you feeling completely in awe and incredibly blessed. I do believe I have fallen in love, the Redwoods, the rolling mountains, lush foliage, the magnificent waves, exotic plants, gigantic palm trees, and The Golden Coast, what's not to love? :)


Oct 9, 2010

Freaking out!

We are officially freaking out! Not like it's going to help, but it does make us feel a little better. We, Taaniel, Christofer, and I went to Whole Foods and stocked up on power bars and protein shakes. We stopped at Target and bought gloves, so now we are ready, or? On returning to our house, we all three received text messages from the Tough Mudder with the news that it's suppose to snow tomorrow in Bear Mountain, snow? I think we must of read it wrong, I mean they must be joking, right? We live in California, I thought snow didn't exist here. Gaah!

  I'll let you know if we survive.

Oct 8, 2010


I've been under the false impression that I'm not THAT addicted to coffee, and in preparation for our race on Sunday,this race, they said that you shouldn't drink caffeinated drinks the day of because it dehydrates you. I thought I would try it out today, and well, I failed. Coffee, you little, evil, black, smooth, and delicious brew. I blame it on the Swede's. Before I moved to Sweden I drank coffee about twice a week and lived a very active life, now I can barely make it down stairs without it. Darn Swedes, how I love you guys :)

  Well, I should get back to work. Since working with a low caffeinated brain didn't produce a lot of result, as terrible as it sounds, it's true...To a product evening with lots of coffee...