Feb 27, 2011

Funny things.

 We have a permanent cyclist in our garage.

 When Ethan Sopenski is on the cover of every magazine, our claim to fame will be that it started in our garage :p

 I have colorful flags and spandex in my living room.

 Christofer asked if we should take them down, the flags not the spandex, since we moved the office into the next room. I have, however, sort of grown fond of them.

 I can't believe I live in such a beautiful state. I fall back in love with California every time I step our my front door. This week has been a bit colder than usually, we even had a little snow ;)

The shiny campus is Stanford :)

Matilda and I freezing but loving the view

see that white stuff, that's snow

 Matilda and I had our nails painted glittering gold and silver, we were suppose to take a picture together, but we ran out of time. My tiny toes will have to do

 My outfit of the day. Completed by my new owl necklace from my dear brother Abram ♥

 I have the most amazing husband in the world, and yes I am bias!

Feb 25, 2011

Rain and Matilda

The guys had a meeting in SF at 9 am + traffic = early rise. While Ethan and Christofer charmed our advisors, I took Matilda around down town San Fran, China town, and Coit tower. I love San Francisco, it's such a charming city, even in the rain. 

Matilda next to Union square and a Union heart
Silly photo with Matilda take 1

Silly photo with Matilda take 2
China Town 

Decorations from China's new year 

Trying the Birds eye setting on my new camera

Poppies and Daffodils in February!  

Blue Bottle Cafe

Christofer's favorite

 All in all a good day. Though we were so tired that we took a nap upon returning from the city, so poor Matilda was left alone for a few hours, she didn't seem to mind too much. It's nice having her around, she is so helpful, positive and fun! She has been missed and shall be missed.

 We also worked out, which I haven't done for over a week. It always feels refreshing to get back into Crossfit. Excited for life to start taking more of a daily routine.

Until next time

Feb 24, 2011

Last day with Luke

 Yesterday was our last day with Luke. Not only Luke, but Taaniel too. So sad, but I must admit I am ready for some down time, though I am going to miss those two guys quite a lot. We took Luke to the Red Woods and over the Golden Gate Bridge, it was a lovely day and he was able to use his camera skills to shoot many great shots. I too tried out my new camera. Not as fancy as Luke's camera nor as good of a photographer, but a few of them where very pretty. I shall show you only the good ones =)

 Today Matilda arrived. I was able to get quite a lot of work done in the morning, which was nice because Matilda and I then spent the afternoon shopping and I showed her around Mountain View. Tomorrow we shall hit the city, bright and early.


Feb 21, 2011

Last Hurrah!

 Tomorrow I shall return to work with full vigor, but for now I will squeeze out the last drops of my Birthday weekend.

A cupcake, tea, and 'Lark Rise to Candleford'

Feb 20, 2011

24th Birthday

 I am 24, can't believe I am so old, well, at least it sounds old.

 In honor of my 24th I decided to write 24 things I love. Not in any particular order, well, except for the first one. 

1. My husband

2. Dark chocolate with a large steaming cup of Early Grey

3. My sisters. Talking, laughing and generally enjoying spending time with them

4. Hot bath while listening to a book on tape, eating chocolate, and a tall glass of cold water

5. Mountains. I have no idea how I have lived 24 years without them, so lush, stunning, and majestic 

6. Hiking with Christofer on Saturdays, exploring our new hometown 

7. Jane Austen's books and movies

8. Rain, on days when you feel like staying in all day and can

9. Sushi, fresh sushi that melts in your mouth

10. My brothers. Now that my little brother is living with us, I realize how much I miss spending everyday life with them.

11. The first snow fall. You can always smell the first snow in the air

12. My niece and nephew. I miss not being there to see them grow up, but I hope now that we live in the same Country we might see more of them. My little nephew to be. 

13. Traveling to new Countries

14. Lazy Saturdays 

15. Massages, especially neck messages from Ethan, which was my present today. Three Ethonos, valid for 3 neck massages 

16. God

17. My sister-in-laws. I'm so grateful for the time I was able to have with them, they have truly become my dearest friends

18. Breakfast in bed, especially when Christofer surprises me with coffee and a chocolate crossant

19. Fresh cut flowers 

20. Trees blooming in February. First experience this year. It's incredible and yet so bizarre, you feel as if you've missed out on something, but at the same time you are excited and energized

21. Spending time reading the Bible along with a solid time of prayer. 

22. My parents and parents-in-law 

23. unexpected hugs from Christofer

24. My friends. Old friends, friends that I am no longer close to, new friends that I enjoy every moment with and friends that I haven't even met yet. 

  Now unto my very happy day. First I woke up to Christofer bringing presents to my side. I love presents, I wish it wasn't so because it feels so selfish, but it's true, presents are my love language. 
 We then had breakfast with My Aunt, Uncle, cousin Makayla and Great Aunt Berna along with Luke, Ethan and Taaniel. Then a fabulous date with Ch at a lovely little cafe called coba and then a dinner with close friends. Now, watching the very last scenes of Quantum of Solace and soon off to bed. A very triumphant day! I am so blessed. 24 is looking like it's going to be a great year :) 

Some pictures from my day:
Chocolate Crossant, my one weakness. 
My Handsome date

Copa Cafe

Baker Lindsey with her fabulous pies

Lindsey and I

Ethan and Haley and their cyclist looks

The best cupcakes in the World, I don't even like cupcakes, but these were incredible!

Luke's present, winnie the pooh, filled with candy :) 

Feb 18, 2011


 Ikväll tog jag mig lite tid och kollade på några svenska bloggar som jag har följt men inte riktigt haft tid att läsa, och en sak som slog mig väldigt hårt. Jag saknar Sverige! Jag saknar den svenska kulturen, den lugn och mys som finns hos mina svärföräldrar och hur så många svenskar faktiskt ta tid att umgås med varandra. Jag har varit lite instängd här i Californian eftersom vi inte känner så jättemånga, men det som jag har märkt är att alla är hela tiden så upptagna. Det är inte att säga att svenskar inte är det, men det finns ett lugn hos svenskar som jag inte har hittat här. Våra grannar t.ex är borta hela tiden fast de har precis fått ett litet barn, i Sverige så skulle mamman åtminstone vara hemma ett lite tag och då kanske jag skulle har kunnat träffa henne. Min moster och morbror är så upptagna att de måste planerar flera veckor innan, de är ju lite speciella, de är nyblivna föräldrar snart vid 40års ålder och de ska göra allt för lilla tjejen, det vill säga att de inte hinner med något annat för ingenting få komma i mellan hennes schema. Det är tur att min mamma var en sån lugn och härlig mamma, mitt barn ska icke få den behandling. Stakas barn hon är ju så lugn som ett barn kan vara, det är föräldrarna som kör slut på sig själva, det är faktiskt lite små jobbigt for Ch och jag, men sen måste jag tänka att de vill ändå ta tid att umgås med oss, det är ju ganska snällt.
  Men det som jag ville säga med detta inlägg är att nu undrar jag om det kommer passa att ha barn här, jag menar jag tycker om att det finns mammor som är faktiskt hemma med sina barn längre än ett år, men samtidigt så känns allting så otroligt mer pressade. Det är klart kanske den miljö som finns här i Mountain View här är alla så väl utbildade, det är förstås en annan sak. Min moster kan inte låta bli att jag är inte utbildad, jag vet att hon menar väl men jag är lite trött på att alla fråga vad jag har utbildade mig till eller vad jag ska utbilda mig till. Jag vill vara utbildade, jag vill känna mig smart och väl läst men det är just svårt! Det är svårt att veta vad jag ska välja, det är svårt att veta om jag vill överhuvudtaget utbilda mig, tänk om jag inte vill det, är jag då minder värd? Det känns så ibland och det är klart också en nackdel att bo här. Jag är väldigt tacksam för de vänner vi har här, men jag är också lite smal trött på att behöver bygg om relationer, jag saknar alla, jag saknar mitt liv i Ohio, jag saknar mitt liv i Vanghärad, och jag är så trött på att sakna allt! Om bara jag kunde ha alla på samma ställe för resten av mitt liv. Det, det vore det bästa liv någonsin.

 Jag fick ett packet från min familj här om dagen, korten fanns med. Tänk att få vara så liten igen, aldrig trodde jag att mitt liv skulle vara som det är. Väldigt tacksam är jag men också lite ledsen.
 Också, fy vad orättvis det är att vara kille, Christofer saknar ingen, jag försöka få honom att berätta hur han kan känna så, men han säger bara, 'mitt liv är här nu. Jag är nöjd med det.' Ibland önskar jag att jag var kille, men bara ibland. Det är så att jag heller vill känna de dåliga känslor med de bra känslor än att inte känner någonting.

Under the weather

 I seem to be very effected by the weather. Rain and cold seems to have brought me a fever. I felt a little strange yesterday, so I pumped myself with vitamins which lead to me being very sick. I seem to always forget that you have to eat at least 200cal in order for vitamins to dissolve and work. Ethan, Christofer and I went out to prepare for two big meetings this weekend and I nearly fell over, felt so ill, which made  Christofer put me to bed and I slept for the better part of the day. Today I felt a tad better, but all in all I have had two very lazy days. Tomorrow I am determined to be better and productive. I have gotten work done, but not very much. Luke has been so sweet asking me if he can get anything and so forth, but I really don't need anything but sleep. Oh and a bath. Bath's really do fix everything! Candles, chocolate from Christofer for Valentine's day, and bubble bath from my sister-in-law.

 A very relaxed evening.

Feb 16, 2011

Home alone

 I, unlike Christofer, have never had the need to have time alone, but recently I've been finding myself a little small frustrated with always being surrounded by people. They have all really been wonderful and yesterday for Valentine's, I gave all the guys Snickers and they in turn did small favors. Taaniel bought me my favorite chocolate, Luke did the dishes(amazing!) and Christofer bought me roses and more chocolate :) Ethan, well, he's Ethan he eats our food, makes the house messy, and I can't for the life of me get angry with him, he is so fun and so full of himself, I love having him in the house and at the same time I can't stand it. Ah, how can you say no to this dude (Luke added a little hair with his photoshopping skills)

  Life with Zerply continues swiftly and speedily. Lots of work to do and lots of work being done. I feel a bit behind, wish I as more of the go get 'em type, which I am not. Obviously since I haven't even moved to redirect my own blog. Speaking of which I have to get Luke to help me before he leaves. Luke? I am constantly writing Luke my work instead of actually talking to him, this annoys him very much, but I am sitting infront of his huge monitor which is why I would rather chat, it's more personal. The view from my side of the screen:

   The weather has turned and brought a cold front, when I say cold I mean early Fall in Sweden or Ohio, but still a lot colder than the past few days. Saturday was a blissful mid June day, in comparison. Proof:

     Off to bed.


Feb 12, 2011

Summer living!

 It really is summer weather here in Mountain View, Ca. It's my first winter where I have actually lived in a warm climate and while I am loving it, I do feel a bit bad for all my family and friends who are literally drowning in snowy weather. Snow does have it's charm but it's hard to beat, well, this:

Christofer and I are enjoying our Saturday morning out in the backyard and the sun is shining so brilliantly, it is absolutely gorgeous! I admit it, I do miss snow, but I am truly enjoying my very first winter in the sun! While we are on the subject of new experiences, I think I shall mention that it looks like our summer is going to be absolutely packed! The fun will begin in April, we will be heading for Sweden for Easter and if the baby, my sister Gabby's baby, comes before then, then I shall be in Ohio for a short time. Then after Sweden we will be heading to Estonia and then to Prague where we will open a Zerply office, have a crazy Zerply meeting and then head home just in time for my cousin and her husband to arrive in CA. Once they are gone we will be, hopefully, heading out to an undisclosed destination for our anniversary, and then the circle might just start again, which means we shall probably be in Prague for the better part of August. So exciting! Also, I think I will be moving my blog very shortly. Luke can't say enough good stuff about tumblr and I am getting a bit sick of my old design and I am too lazy to actually take time to make it nice, so perhaps it's better to move. Such insane things going on and, of course, all of it depending if our funding comes through. I should be a little nervous, in fact, I should be worried, but I know God will provide and I know my husband is a hard working, dedicated person and I trust him completely. Trust isn't a very easy thing to practice and yet it can completely effect our lives for good or for bad, depending upon who we put our trust in. I'm so grateful that I know God is a solid rock and if we put our trust in him, he will never disappoint.

 Well, off to get some work done.

Feb 9, 2011


 For some strange reason I am SO tired. I usually feel bad when I'm tired since I don't have any set hours for my work and I can pretty much sleep in as long as I please. I try not to, but the human nature is unfortunately quite a lazy thing, or should I say my flesh is lazy. Anyway, the past few days Christofer and I have been very good with getting up early and this morning we woke up especially early by Luke sticking his very cute face into our room and exclaiming 'Guys, the sites down, Zerply went down!'...the story goes like this, smashing magazine  twitted out about us and our site was bombarded with sign ups, so many that we went down. Our first crash, thankfully it wasn't very long, Luke woke up Taaniel who, poor thing, had to reset the site and has been working to figure out ways to optimize. It was fun though, seeing so much traffic on our site and our twitter feed. I wrote a blog post about it and I have to say everyone in the Zerply team has been quite excited today. It also feels like our spirits are up again, it's been a little stepping around each other the past few days. Bound to happen when we do everything together.

However, I am still tired, poor me, I shall eat some chocolate, do no work at all tonight and just relax. We all need those times. I suppose the weekend has been rather busy, I watched my little cousin on Saturday, helped a friend move for an hour. Sunday was the Superbowl which we spent at my Uncle's house celebrating his birthday. Monday, worked until 9 to 9, though we took a brake to eat lunch and do crossfit and today, well, did crossfit again. I also talked to Charlotte and Jayne, my two baby sisters, oh how I miss them. They are so funny! I was trying to help Charlotte set up her Zerply, which she did a spectacular job on and the two of them were laughing so hard over the silly things, like Taaniel being spelled with two 'aa' and the fact that Charlotte was endorsing people who she had no idea who they were.

 Anyway, all in all a very blessed and wonderful past few days. It's easy to forget how good God is, how faithful and true, my life is beyond blessed and I need to remember to continue to give of the overflow. I am so grateful for Christofer, we spent Saturday night praying, so refreshing to be in God's presence, I wish more people understood the power of God's presence, it is so tangible, so fantastic, better than any experience on earth.

 Well, I am rambling, I shall stop rambling, upload a few pictures and head for bed. Good night my dear readers.

Magnolias are blooming, bear in mind it's February!

This is how Luke works :)
I can't get over the blooming trees!
Adorable Makayla wanting to push the buggy all by herself