Apr 27, 2010

New day

Christofer and I had a great weekend but it ended on a sour note. However, today has been a good day. Right now, well, Taaniel and Christofer are comparing their twitter accounts. Yes, I live with a bunch of nerds, but I can't complain because I find it rather funny. Our day has been filled with discussions and with me trying to figure out how to make a timeline in excel. It's hard and seemed like a waste of time, but now Zerply has a timeline, the only problem is we are stuck in the 1700 until the 1800, I couldn't change it. :(
  Tuesday. Once again a new day and it's a warm day! We could barely believe it when we stepped out of our apartment, it was as if Spring, the real Spring, suddenly decided to grace us with it's complete presence! Flowers are starting to wake up. Yesterday I came across yellow anemones, gulsippor, they were so lovely that I had to pick them. Christofer thought it was sort cruel since they were so few,  but I couldn't resist!

  It looks like a storm is coming on in, a Spring storm. Absolutely wonderful! I miss Ohio storms, they always had such an amazing way to make you feel completely powerless and completely dependent on God. Speaking of dependence it amazes time and time again our need for God and the hopeless situation we find ourselves in. The World has nothing to offer, nothing except broken promises. A few things in our lives has spurred conversations regarding marriage, commitment and doing good despite our feelings. I recently came across a wonderful quote in C.S Lewis's Mere Christianity 'Good is what you aught to prefer regardless of what you like.' Choosing to follow God and to do his commandments isn't easy and it's not supposed to be. Saying no to our flesh, flesh such a funny word, but flesh is basically sin in all shape and form. Sin, large and small separates us from God, we repent, God brakes down the wall, and then we repeat. Until we come to heaven. That sounds really awful, but I suppose it's important to realize that in ourselves we cannot do anything to help our helpless situation, but through God we receive repentance and help for the future. Unfortunately asking for help is easier than actually accepting that help and the help doesn't always come in the form we would like. 

  Well, I better get back to work. Christofer is looking at me funny, that usually means that I should start getting things done.

 Little tip. Christofer and I have recenelty stumbled on a new band called Vampire Weekend. I love one of their songs Run. It makes me happy for some strange reason. 


Apr 25, 2010

Fair trade and all that stuff

I recently read an article in Relevant about the system of fair trade and sweatshop-free clothing. It's disturbing and makes me ashamed of not knowing better. I wish it was something more prevalent in the main stream media. Woman and children working in sweatshops to supply us with cheap clothing. Many stores fail to do proper research into how their workers are getting treated. The horrible thing is it's not limited to clothing. Coffee, chocolate, cell phones, the list goes on. Christofer and I talked about making sure to look things up before we buy them. Buying cheap clothing because its cheap, or saving 5 dollars just to buy the cheaper coffee, isn't worth it! I know we live in a unjust World and there will always be greedy people that use other people, but it's important to take the steps that we can. Like buying things that are fair trade and supporting companies that are dedicated to making a difference. It's crazy how the World has turned upside down so many times. To imagine Europe and America being the main cause of unjust treatment during the early 1900's. I remember reading about thousands of young girls dieing in the sweatshops in New York trying to save money for their families to make it to a Country where they could have a better life...We truly are a blessed nation, and yet its as if we fail to see it. I fail to see how blessed and privileged I am. Speaking of privileged it is an absolutely beautiful day here in Estonia and as the time is ticking away I better make sure we make it outside before the sun disappears. Next time you go to buy something don't always buy the cheaper product just because it's cheaper, find out what's behind the company. I know I'm going to try to.


Apr 21, 2010


The NATO Conference has officially started and with that includes loads of road blocks! And our office happens to be in the building next to the Swissotel where they are having a few of the meetings, so everything is closed off and we had to go through security to get in. Poor policemen they seem to be having a hard time with having to speak English, I tried asking one of them if I needed to take off my jacket or if I could go through with it. He looked all embarrassed and then asked me 'Mobile' thankfully it's the same word in Swedish so I shook my head, he then said 'Key', which he must have been wondering if I had keys in my pocket, I shook my head again and he let me go through. Taaniel said that they've brought in police from all over Estonia for the Conference, so they probably are from somewhere out in the Country side who aren't use to hearing English.
  Today we met up with Matt, a guy from Ohio. It was nice to see a familiar face and hear a bit about home. We took him to our favorite restaurant and hopefully we can meet with him before he leaves.

  I should get back to work since time really does disappear in Estonia. I feel as if I never really get anything done, I just have good intentions, but I have a feeling it has more to do with my lack of being able to say no to things I shouldn't really have to do. Like writing in my blog, but we live and learn.
   Off to work on Zerply's wording. Not the easiest thing in the World, but rather exciting :)


Apr 15, 2010

Food for thought

It's a late night here in Tallinn, Estonia and while I find myself unable to sleep, I am somewhat grateful to be able to enjoy the stillness of the night. Since Tallinn is a city, though a tiny city, I am amazed by the quietness the evenings provide. The window is open and though the air is somewhat chilly, blowing in from across Russia, the city itself seems to be fast asleep. At least Christofer is fast asleep, I can hear his muffled snoring. I would be lying if I said I find myself calm and collected, because if I was, I would probably be asleep. No, life and it's grand ups and downs is the thing keeping me awake. I am so grateful for everything God has blessed me with and I don't think I will ever understand how incredible my life is, yet I find myself falling into the same evil traps over and over. I suppose if I never wondered or pondered who I am, what I am, and why I exists then I probably wouldn't be human. It seems no matter how I try there are somethings that I will never understand, about myself and about life in general. I've always wanted to be and do something meaningful, but the more I do the less gratified I am and the more I realize that a lot of what I do, I do because I am trying to fill a void. I know that void can only be filled by allowing Jesus to fill it, yet I find that it's not necessarily a matter of trying, its a matter of waiting, waiting, being willing, and some more waiting. I don't think the void will every go away, I don't think I will ever feel satisfied until I am heaven, but the lingering question is how to pass the time in a meaningful way. I pretty sure that was a  rhetorical question since I know there is a lot that I haven't done that could be meaningful and there is a lot that I do that isn't. I'm starting to feel sleepy which is probably a good thing since this post is starting to sound repetitive.
  I shall end with  this thought.  Small daily decisions determine our destiny. and  as C.S Lewis puts it
 If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning.' 

Apr 7, 2010


A rainy weekend and extremely cold, but the Karltorps, Christofer's parents are hardy folk and we braved the outdoors to show them around old town. We found a lovely little monk's cave where an old little man had paintings of Tallinn and had written a funny little note about 'No spirits or magic here, peace here.' I'm guessing people believe it's some sort of occult place because of it's location. Anyway, he had a little Bible and the fish symbol everywhere, it smelled a bit musty, but it had a genuine feeling of peace. I bet he sits all day painting and praying. Other than that Easter didn't really feel like Easter. We worked out and had a sauna and then ate a restaurant, a very nice restaurant, and went and saw a movie, strange Easter, but it would of been worse without Eva and Gunnar, so grateful they came. They seemed to be in need of a vacation and laughed and talked a lot, which made for great company! Sure am grateful I have such fun and loving in-laws.

  On Sunday we drove to an old monastery, while walking around it we talked about the resurrection and how the Church has had such a vital role in the World. It was amazing to imagine monks walking the grounds thousands of years ago, praying, singing, seeking God and probably celebrating Easter for the same reasons as we are. After we met up with Taaniel for pancakes and then they flew on home. Christofer and I finished the evening by watching the five episodes of the Office :)

  Monday brought Justin, Linn's fiancée, and now we are brainstorming away.

New working title for Zerply...

 Zerply-because business doesn't always wear a suit. What do you think?


                                                  The Monastery


                     Segway with an umbrella, perfect for rainy days

Apr 6, 2010

  So many amazing sites out there. This is just one of many. Such an important issue to raise awareness about.

Apr 1, 2010


Spring is actually here! There is still snow on the ground, but last night Christofer and I were walking home from work, 11pm, when the wind kicked up, we instantly prepared ourselves for a cold blast, but instead the wind was warm and gently against our faces. That, my dear friends, is one of the true sings of Spring! This morning I awoke to birds twittering and people laughing, it felt like waking up into a whole new World. The World of endless impossibilities, 'don't you just love New York in the Spring?'...so the real quote is 'Don't you just love New York in the Fall', but I just switched it up a little. I bet Christofer can tell you what movie it's from. I've trained him well. :)
  I bought Strawberries today, couldn't resist them, they looked so delicious in the package all pink and juicy, they weren't as good once they reached the mouth, but just the thought of eating Strawberries excited me. Spring, sun, and warmth comfort the soul!

  Easter is in two days. Can't believe it came so fast. Christofer's parents are coming tomorrow and we are looking forward to a weekend exploring Tallinn.
  Easter is such a remarkable time, of course the commercial side of things can be a bit overwhelming and frustrating, at least in the states, yet here in Europe things are more conservative when it comes to advertising. Last weekend, Palm Sunday, Christofer and I came upon a crowd of Russian Bubusikas carrying twigs and flowers into their gigantic Russian Church. We followed them and came just in time for mass, the whole church was packed, candles were lit, and almost all the woman covered their heads. I know some people find such rituals upsetting, but I've always been sort of in awe of the reverence and respect they have for God. As I listened to the chore singing and the quiet murmur of devoted prayers, I couldn't help but realize that Jesus is among them. Christofer and I discussed it on our way home, and as much as we agree with 'not being religious' its important to remember that religion in itself is not were the fault lies.

  Now, I'm off to buy ice cream and take a walk with my husband.

Happy Easter everyone!

"Then the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them. But when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that He did, and the children crying out in the temple and saying, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” they were indignant 
And said to Him, “Do You hear what these are saying?” 
And Jesus said to them, “Yes. Have you never read, 
 " ‘ Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants
      You have perfected praise’?”