Jan 26, 2011

Short post

This is a race against time since my mac's battery is about to die any minute and, well, I do feel the urge to write, but I don't really have the energy to retrieve my charger. The charger is downstairs and I am up stairs.

20 things I've been thinking about today:
  1. I need to be more productive. 
  2. Christofer can't satisfy all my needs. 
  3. Only God can.
  4. Luke Beard is a really great guy, I'm so happy he joined our team.
  5. Living in California is absolutely breathtaking, but also extremely lonely at times.
  6. I'm not as clever as I think I am.
  7. I am more talented then I give myself credit for.
  8. I have an obsession with wanting to go to College to prove my worth.
  9. College won't prove anything.
  10. I am terrible at not itching my poison oak outbreak. 
  11. The days fly by.
  12. God is good and faithful, even when I am not.
  13. Lemonade is delicious.
  14. I should read more. 
  15. Lost is a tv series that you will never stop thinking about. 
  16. Christofer says one thing and does another.
  17. Men must have short memories.
  18. Ethan and Taaniel are probably the best men in the World to live with.
  19. My Orchid is still blooming, I smile every time I see it.
  20. It's my Mother's Birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom! 
 Not necessarily in that order, but that basically sums up my day. I can't really believe that today went so fast. It's 11pm and I am very tired. The picture below was taken by Luke. Isn't it lovely?! It seems to capture my day, rather well too. 

Off to bed.


 I do believe I need to sleep.


Jan 19, 2011

A very unfortunate event.

I have, at an unknown time and date, come in contact with poison oak and as the result, well, I woke up to a very swollen monster. It's better now, but I have had the worst time trying not to itch. It's mostly my face, but my fingers have swollen too and I can't get my rings off. Haley, our crossfit trainer said it didn't look like poison oak, but I am hoping it is because I really would much rather have poison oak then a mysterious bite by some strange bug, or worse spider. I hate spiders. I have really tried to figure out why, but it's just one of those things that I am afraid of for no reason. Sounding very girly at moment.

 Besides that we watched the 'Social Network' tonight and I feel like a completely failed startup person, since, well I don't really let Christofer work as much as he should, but then again a wise person said 'don't work too hard to get rich because riches can grow wings and fly far, far away.'

Beware of the picture below. Chipmunk cheeks in triple size ;)  

Jan 18, 2011

Lemons and oranges, oranges and lemons!

I have so many lemons and oranges that det bara sprutar ur ├Âronen(A swedish saying that is hard to translate, but basically means I have them coming out of my ears. How funny it sounds in English)
 Anyway, have had a semi productive day, but towards the end I started cleaning and, well, besides finding things that don't belong to me, I found loads and loads of oranges and lemons. My mom and Dad, during Christmas, drove down to Palms Springs and arrived back with boxes of fruit, I think they were thinking that the crowd that lived here, at that moment, would finish them off, but alas no such thing happened. I am therefore swimming in, a few rotten, but mostly ripe oranges and lemons. I posted it on Facebook and received many good suggestions. So I made a lemon pound cake, lemonade, and grapefruit juice, only to discover that the pile hasen't seemed to move at all. Next! I shall try my hand at marmelade. I have a new smart phone so I shall post some pictures of my success or failure. I suppose I shall just have to wait to tomorrow to show you, did you know marmalade has to sit in the fridge over night!? I had no idea, ahh the things one learns.

 Well, besides that, in two days, we will be welcoming a new person into our home. Luke Beard from England, I am looking forward to hearing his accent around the house, I love British accents and I really hope we can make him feel welcomed here. We are a sort of strange group. Tonight Christofer and Ethan were away at a meetup and during dinner no one spoke, after dinner no one spoke and now that it is 10:40pm we have barely said more than three words to each other. Not that I mind, sometimes it's important to have time of silence to clear your thoughts, but still, well, like a said a bit different.

 I better be off to check on my marmalade that is brewing in the pot, I love the idea of making marmalade, I feel so old fashion and proper :)

 Oh and I love having fresh, I mean extremely fresh, fruit during the dead of winter!

Jan 13, 2011

Back to my not so ordinary, ordinary life.

As Caroline and Emelie, the last of our guest and family, left on Monday morning, this week has allowed us to settle back into the normal daily life. Though our daily life isn't so normal. It has been wonderful with Zerply, lots of people signing up and lots of e-mails flowing back and forth, so much actually that I have barely had time to Facebook; considering it's me, well, that means I must be very busy. It's fun though, I really do enjoy answering inquires, hearing peoples thoughts and ideas. I am amazed that people actually take the time to write five points of ways to improve our site, putting that time and effort into complete strangers work is really fascinating and just goes to show how powerful a tool internet has become.

  Tonight, I am not working because I'm feeling under the weather and after attempting to take a bath, the water was lukewarm, a lukewarm bath is not a real bath! I sit here drinking tea, looking at Facebook pictures, contemplating life and missing Sweden. Well, missing everyone in Sweden and especially my in-laws. I am one of those rare birds that was blessed with wonderful parent-in-laws and wonderful sister-in-laws. It was so nice to have Caroline, but now she and everyone else is gone, I am left with mixed feelings of  gratefulness and sadness. Ever since I was 18 my days have been a constant saying of goodbyes and a lot of missing people, yet I never dreamed of  having such an adventurous and marvelous life, filled with so many fabulous people. I am so blessed and though I fail to love the people who are closes to me and though I fall short of even the smallest tasks I am so undeserving of the grace that I receive again and again. God is so good to me.