Dec 31, 2010

Crazy Christmas and a Nutty New Year

Have had such a crazy, fantastic time with my family! The house is never quiet and everyone is always talking, but it's the way it's suppose to be! I've missed it, I've missed them. Now, things are like my childhood and memories, both good and bad, come flooding back. It's easy to fall back into the middle sister syndrome, but I've also had to step up and take responsibility, seeing as it is my house, well, Christofer, Taaniel and I's house, but it has been fun and my family is the most helpful family in the World. We all struggle with being workaholics, but it does seem like everyone has been able to relax as well. Right now people are scattered about playing cards and reading books, while a fire is blazing in the fireplace. Ahh, if life could just freeze here, but alas things move one and soon they will be gone, so I am determined to enjoy it.

  Tonight the conversation turned to our upbringing. We all feel as if we, seven siblings and I, were overworked as kids. I'm not saying kids shouldn't work, indeed, it is tragic that not many children are taught to work, because a good work ethic is essential in life, but still, our parents, dad in particular was a bit over-obsessive, it's actually not very surprising that he fell into drugs later on... however, my siblings are wonderful, God-fearing people, I'm so blessed.

Little sister is calling. Off to play Dutch Blitz!


Dec 17, 2010

My house is positively crawling with men, I don't mind, but the prospect of a fourth one moving in sort of makes me wonder, why aren't there more techie girls in the world?!

  Right now all is calm. Taaniel left to visit his sister in Michigan. My two younger brothers are here, Ethan and Abe, Christofer and I are merrily working away and soon my whole family will pour into this house and we shall have a very crowded, but a very happy family Christmas.

  Christmas, I forced Christofer to help me find a real Christmas tree, it took me only a few minutes to find a perfectly shaped blue spruce. I haven't been able to find a Christmas stand and I'm afraid the only Christmas decorations are red bulbs from Walmart, but once again I am reminded that, though we lack some things the blessings we have are so much greater.

  Besides, Christmas tree shopping, Christmas stand shopping, Christmas wrapping paper shopping, I spent the larger part of my day doing dishes, working on Zerply's beta list and thinking of a new blog post. Not for this blog, unfortunately this blog serves as my left over blog, where I allow my mind to unload all the troubled thoughts. Like now, it's 1:30am on a Thursday evening and I have no idea why I am not sleeping. I suppose it's because I was so tired tonight, after crossfit and fantastic food at a thai restaurant, that I plopped down on the couch and watched whatever the guys where watching, which happened to be some silly Tom Hanks movie from the early 90s. Now I am almost too tired to actually go to sleep. It's not that I am troubled, more subdued, not exactly sure why, just one of those nights. In fact, I think I may lay my head down, pray for those in need and sleep in the surety that I am safe and sound.

Thank you Lord.


Dec 11, 2010


 Tis the first day I realized that it is almost Christmas time! Only 17 more days and only two weeks until my family arrives. We are going to have a gloriously, crazy Christmas. All my siblings, including my sisters husband Drew, plus my parents, Christofer's sister, our friend Emilie. For New Years we expand to include even more people Taaniel and siblings! However, I do love a house full of laughter and joy. God is so good, he is too good to me, filling my life with people I love and with so many blessings.

  We already had our first Christmas party and it was quite a success! Pepperkakor, Lussebullar, it's much more fun to bake Swedish Christmas goodies since moving out of Sweden, though I admit I sorely miss my sister-in-laws and the times we would bake together. Such wonderful memories.

  Recently I've been very domestic, I fear it is because I am ignoring the last of the accounting of the season. It is for both Christofer's previous business and for Zerply which equals a very big headache, but I shouldn't complain because I like to feel accomplished and for some reason finishing up a book of recepts makes me feel precisely that :)  

My domestic endeavors have been:

French Onion Soup: Last night, it turned out so yummy and it was surprisingly easy, though caramelizing the onions takes forever!

Pancetta-Wrapped Pork: Christofer and I aren't very big pork eaters but I felt like something new and exciting and this looked so good! I'm a huge fan of rosemary, so I couldn't pass it up and though it's in the oven at the moment, I do believe it might taste quite yummy.

I should post pictures. I now own a smart phone, but I don't feel much smarter. Hold on! perhaps that's the point you dumb self down with a smart phone?!

 Ahh, anyways, they have a blogger app, which I should get because then I can instantly upload photos!  I know blogger's not very cool anymore, all the cool people use tumblr or posterous, I've been far too lazy to import my old blog, actually I think posterous is the only one that does that, but blogger doesn't have adverts and that's all I really care about. I hate flashy, messy advertising, which most of my Swedish friends use, thankfully not my dear sister-in-law, I have shown her the light!

Off to check on the Pork