Mar 30, 2010


Went to a Jazz Club last Thursday. Had a lovely time, I was able to meet Triins, Aivo's fiancée, friends. They were a grand bunch and we had fun laughing over silly similarities and the history of their friendships. Three of them have been friends since young girls and as they talked about the difficulty but beauty in Triin getting married I reminisced to similar conversations with my friends. I miss those times, I miss my friends, I miss being surrounded by girls. My childhood and my teen years were spent surrounded by my two older sisters and cousins, their friends, and my friends, in other words, lots of girls. Of course, we did have guy friends, but they were not many and often than not it always ended up with us shunning them. Ahh, girls will be girls. Now, my best friend is Christofer and though he is an absolutely wonderful best friend, there are somethings that he will never, ever understand or relate to, which is the way it is suppose to be, but Ahh, how I miss everyone right now. All my girl friends, sisters, sister-in-laws, friends...  
 Yet, there are season and times for everything and I am so grateful that I have had so many amazing girls and women in my life over the years. I know I wouldn't be the person I am without them.

With a grateful heart

Mar 25, 2010


I've been having the strangest dreams of late. On Sunday night I dreamed that Christofer and I dragged and dropped ourselves into our dropbox and arrived at the office computer. I woke up completely convinced that we were at the office, all we had to do was step out of the computer. Weird, right? The funny thing was that in my dream we were on the computer screen, but we were more like little wii guys. You know how you can pick up a wii by the head and the arms and legs just kind of dangle, well, we were dangling and getting dragged and dropped. I love dragging and dropping. Its the best thing about gmail being able to drag and drop different labels. Love it! Of course, being able to color code everything isn't too bad either.  Zerply will hopefully have a lot of dragging and dropping if I can convince the guys that is. Speaking of them.On Sunday afternoon, after church, Christofer and I came up to the office to find Taaniel grinning like a Cheshire cat, he was so excited, I think he's in love. Not with a girl though, he's fallen back in love with Zerply. Which is a really good thing. He spent all Saturday working on Zerply and seemed to, from the look of things, enjoy every moment.

  So the other night I dreamed about a half of a fish, yep, for some reason I had to eat a half of a fish with the skin and everything. Very gross.

  I then dreamed that I had a fight with my dear friend Ruth. I yelled, she yelled, and then we weren't friends anymore. Very sad, though, I did, in the dream, try to convince myself that it wasn't Ruth because Ruth doesn't scream. I have been thinking a lot about her since I haven't heard from her in forever, perhaps she has started screaming. Hmm, probably not.

  So, I'm sorry that I'm really boring today, I apologize but I have nothing exciting to share. Well, except that life in the office, is, well, life in the office is something that you can read about at Zerply's blog here
Yep and I think I need to go, because Chritofer and I are planning on working out soon.

Peace out.

Mar 18, 2010


It's already Thursday! Oh my! It's been a good week. Today is an especially good day, well, so far it's been  great! Christofer and I were really tired so we slept in and then we worked out, by time we made it to the office it was around 12:30p.m and then we went out to lunch with Josef, so in other words, we haven't gotten a lot of work done, but then again life isn't all about work right?

 So Josef is our new programmer. He is from the Czech Republic and laughs a lot. He is also rather concerned about his privacy, no twitter or gmail chat for him, too dangerous in his eyes. So perhaps I should limit the information concerning him. From now on I will mention him only by his first name. Lets see, well, he is a hard worker. While Taaniel, Christofer, and I work with chat and facebook open, he barely every steers away from his coding. Well, all right, he is getting paid and he doesn't work as many hours as us, but still...I'm impressed. He likes math, working out, and seems to enjoy drinking beer. hehe

  Well, Zerply is coming along. If you would like to sign up for our Beta just click here and then please feel free to spread the word. I feel sort of funny writing to the three people that read my blog as a group, but since I'm in charge of our Zerply blog, which you can click here to see, I figure I better start getting use to it.

  Nothing new going on at the office besides getting use to each others routines and learning how to walk around each other and not on each other, that was mean't metaphorically, but since it is a rather small office stepping on each other does happen. One other thing that happens is, well, actually Christofer has been annoyed at my peeing...yep, its true! He thinks I pee loudly and that I should try to pee quietly. How does one pee quietly? I have no idea! I also thought it was a stupid thing for him to be annoyed with but the crazy thing is when I told Taaniel he agreed with Christofer, they both think Josef finds it uncomfortable, but I can't  help how I pee! I mean, isn't it often the other way around?! Guys are the ones that pee loudly in my ears, but obviously, I'm the one at the office that pees the loudest. I refuse to be embarrassed by it though, because, well, peeing is a natural function, but yeah, anyway, that's what we get for working loads of hours together, oh, and drinking tea. Well, at least we can laugh about it.

  I better get back to doing something productive.

Until next time.

Here's a little window into our candy stash. We were able to borrow a card to a Sam's club like place, so we stocked on up. I know its awful, but hey, hackerthons need a lot of sugar ;)

Taaniel and I at work, well, facebook and work....

I get to use the mac quite often that makes me so happy ;)  

Mar 12, 2010

Spring is on its way...

 At least,  Spring should be on its way. Christofer and I heard a distant twit this morning was weak and perhaps a little muffled by all the snow, but indeed, it was a  Spring bird, crying out for its right to sing once again. It's been a beautiful day, lots of sun, still cold, but definitely above minus. Christofer and I woke up early and worked out before work, rather impressive for us since we usually opt for working out after work, which means only half the energy and only half the effort. The day went swimmingly. I made a budget, worked on Zerply's blog, read lots of articles and had a lovely lunch with my husband. That's the great thing about living in a city, going out to eat means walking fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes to the restaurant and fifteen minutes back, that makes for a half hour walk! Absolutely incredible for Christofer, who complained if we took a five minute walk back in Vagnhärad. I suppose in a city it's not considered a walk since there is so much around you to distract you, that's one negative thing about a city. Distraction comes in plenty. I've never been great at concentration which is a perfect way to introduce the other topic that has been on my mind lately. Devotions.

  Devotions or 'quite time with God' as many Christians like to quip, is probably one of the most vital parts of being a Christian and probably one of the most difficult. How can we claim to love God if we don't spend time with him? After all, those we love we invest time in right? Well, I've been contemplating my time with God which, unfortunately, often comes down to a fifteen minute Bible reading and a hurried pray. It makes me wonder if perhaps I would be better off with five minutes of concentrated prayer instead. Of course, it would be naive to assume that its just a lack of discipline that hinders my time and all our time with God, but it also makes me wonder if perhaps I and others assume time with God has to be in a certain place at a certain time with a certain motive. Perhaps time with God is better off spent in the middle of our day, out in the middle of a crowd, as long as our hearts and minds are concentrated on him. Of course, I know Matthew talks about going into your chamber and praying and I believe wholeheartedly in that concept, but, well,perhaps the key is to not allow our time with God to become stagnate, but to remember that God is with us in everything, he is not limited by our time and our space. Lots of thoughts swimming around. Recently, I've been listening to 'Mere Christianity'. If you haven't read it, please do! An extremely encouraging and biblically sound view of Christianity. 

God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.-C.S Lewis 

Ahh, Taaniel just brought pizza in. Yum!

Mar 5, 2010

First week

I can't believe tomorrow is exactly one week since we moved to Tallinn! Crazy how fast time fly's. Its late and the boys, Taaniel and Christofer, our scheming away here in our office. I was apart of it for a little while, but now I am feeling tired and everything is starting to sound all mushy. I'd rather write in my blog  :)
 Today I was thinking about the difference betweens Swedes and Estonians, believe it or not Estonians are actually ruder than Swedes, yet once in awhile you can find a lone Estonian that suddenly lites up when you start speaking English. Well, actually, all the Estonians that have been kind to us thus far have usually had some sort of connection to America, sort of goes with out saying why they were nice.
   I have, however, been enjoying the difference between the Russian, Estonians, and the Estonians, you can almost instantly spot a Russian Estonian by the way they dress and their hairstyle. So Russian looking! I don't think I have ever seen so many fur coats, fur hats, and fur boots. I even spotted a pure white fur coat with  leopard spots, good luck keeping that clean.
  While crossing the road on our way to the office this morning I passed a whole entourage of tiny old ladies in their fur coats and fur hats slowly making their way into Mass, they were so cute and so short, most of them came up to my shoulders. It felt like a scene out of an old fashion movie, and  for a moment, I wanted to follow them into their little church and I imagined them kneeling down and bowing their heads in reverence in the bench that they have probably knelt in since they were young, giddy girls....

   Good morning, I didn't have enough energy to finish my above post, so I decided to finish today. Today the Sun is SHINING! YEP! It's amazing what the Sun can do, barely three steps outside my front door and I saw someone smiling! Nothing short of a miracle, Estonians and Russians do smile! hehe
  Well, one week exactly since we moved here, and now that my cold is on the mend, things are starting to feel just right!

 Some highlights of the week have been:

1. How everything came together at the last minute. On the boat we weren't even sure if we would be able to rent the office and the apartment seemed like a hopeless case. When we arrived Taaniel received e-mails regarding both and both had a green light. Taaniel definitely did a great job, where would we be with out our Estonian slave? hehehee No, seriously, without him we would be lost. Thanks T!

2. Our designer couch that we were able to buy for 200euros! Christofer and I walked into the first store that we saw on our way to the office and the guy that 'happened' to help us was the owner and once we told him that we were only going to be here two months, he automatically told us of three couches that they had in storage that someone had ordered and then disappeared. He even drove us out to the storage room. It came as no surprise that he has Norwegein ancestors and has lived in America. We are planning on having dinner sometime before we leave.

3.Our espresso machine, which we were able to rent for free, all we had to do was buy the pods. Not too bad of deal.

4. Our gym, the lady behind the desk gave us a reduced price. Working out on the 26th floor overlooking Tallinn is absolutely spectacular! Even the showers and sauna have a great view. Oh, and they give you fresh towels and a key to your locker room.

5. Since we have a espresso machine we were hoping for a refrigerator. The lady who let us rent the espresso machine had a friend that rents mini bars for only a 100eek. Barely 10 dollars.

My conclusion, God has richly blessed us and without him we wouldn't have been able to do any of this. All glory to him. And thanks for all the prayers.

I think I better get some work done.

Love, love, love

Mar 1, 2010

home alone

  Hate being sick and have discovered that its even worse being sick in, once again, another new foreign Country. I have no mom, not even a mother-in-law, to feel bad for me and no friends or siblings to bring me hot chicken soup and ginger ale. All right, have to stop there otherwise I'm going to start, in other words, sucks to be sick. I'm sure I'll be better soon and life will seem bright again, but being at home alone in a home that hasn't yet had time to feel like home is absolutely the worse scenario. On top of all that the macbook is just about to run out of battery and the charger is at the office.
  So, hope you are all feeling very sorry for me and I hope in return that I can someday feel bad for you.

 Ahh, the fatal reserve battery signal.

  I guess I'm allowed to fall a few tears. I promise that my next post won't be as depressing.