Aug 28, 2009

Note to self

Inspiration is a tool given to us to share with one another and to feed ourselves. It may seem easier to inspire others than inspire yourself, in others you can see potential that you are blinded to in your own life.
Most motivational speakers share about their inspiration that they received from others in order to inspire you. However, in the end, you are the only one who can motivate yourself. We need each other but loads of inspiration want get you anywhere. Motivation is the key to keep going, to have a motive, a dream, a vision is something that only you can create, reach out for, and attain.
You have the power to destroy or secure your future.
Reevaluate yourself. What sort of relationships do you want? What sort of future? Allow those questions and other questions to motivate you.
Inspire to be motivated.
Habits create and shape your life.
Good habits= good life
Bad habits=bad life

Aug 6, 2009


For the past few days I have had the hardest time waking up, since I, at the moment, do not have a job time seems to have switched and I have been going to bed really late and thus finding it hard to wake up at a decent time. During such days my husband has been going to bed at the same time, but waking up several hours before me. Him being the more disciplined of us two. Just the other day, I awoke, rolled over, reached for my phone and texted.
To Christofer
From Eliza
'Jag vill ha kaffe i sängen, tack.'
Translated 'I would like coffee in bed, thanks'
Amazingly enough he was still at home, working on the computer, and several minutes later he arrived with a large cup of coffee. It was such a welcoming sight, instead of moaning and wanting to fall back to sleep, I sat up and the aroma reached my nostrils and slowly appeased my still very sleepy eyes. Ahh, I felt like sleeping beauty receiving her princes kiss upon her cold and dieing lips rescuing her from her endless sleep (which doesn't sound too bad to me) . Though my prince was indeed in the form of dark, strong, bold, with a hint of milk, liquid.
I sipped and sighed enjoying the moment and finding strength to face the day. I love coffee.