Jan 7, 2010


Back to normal life. Normal life isn't so normal, but I would like my life to be a little more normal. I would like a job, but just not any job, a job were I could learn new things and grow as a person. I would like to be more disciplined, to be able to learn new things without feeling overwhelmed, and I would like to help others more and well...now I feel like I'm writing the thoughts and feelings of almost every single person in my situation, but as my lovely husband says, what's the point of stressing about the things I want to do, why not just do them. I wish I was more like him, but I am not and though I know I can change I know I need to surrender completely to God and allow him to fill me with strength and wisdom, because I can't do it on my own. I think thats the hardest part. Giving up what and how I want my life to be and allowing God to change me, yet, he is the only one that matters in the end. When it's all been said and done there is just one thing that matters did I live my life to please him or did I live my life for myself? I read a really thought provoking quote the other day

' If you approach the World with an apron of a servant, then you are allowed to go places that you can't go if you approach it with the crown of a King.'  -Jon Foreman

        I love the way other people can be an example by simply being Christ like.
       On a new strand of thought, this week has been the coldest week in my Swedish history. Minus 20c which is minus 4f, incredibly cold, but amazingly beautiful, feels like we somehow landed in a frozen wasteland, everything coated in sparkling, shimmering diamonds. However, the best way to experience all of it is by standing by the heater looking out the window.
 On Tuesday Caroline, Andrea, Linn, and I went to Stockholm to look for a wedding dress for Linn. It was soooo cold, it almost hurt to breath, but we ended up walking to several different stores. Two were brimming with beautiful dresses, but the salesclerks where the rudest and completely stuck up brats I have ever met! It was absolutely laughable the way they paraded around making us feel like second class citizens. Definitely as Caroline stated 'Pretty woman warning', meaning they thought us dirt poor and not worthy of Stockholm style, or something.  The last stop was a tiny little shop owned by a woman that sewed everything by hand. The dresses had a sort of 'Lord of the Rings' genre and were stunning, and she was a much needed breath of fresh air kind, funny and helpful. After we defrosted ourselves on cappuccinos and warm food.
  The rest of the week has been a series of different plans. Christofer and I are trying to decided how everything is going to take place. Not easy, but thankfully we can always turn to God for help.

  Off with my computer and on with the days work...vi ses

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