Jan 9, 2010

Some Saturdays

Some Saturdays are lazy. This Saturday was lazy and it just keeps getting lazier. I like lazy, when it's the right kind of lazy, the lazy where you take time to enjoy others company, watch good movies, and eat good food. And that is exactly what we have been doing.
 I watched 'Northanger Abby' while I folded clothes, and though Christofer claimed to be writing some of his clients, he kept peeking over his laptop to watch the screen.
   For lunch I made salmon. Yes, indeed, I made fish. A miracle,  but it is also part of my New Year resolution to do things I don't normally do. The recipe was from Martha Stewart's and it looked so yummy and healthy that I couldn't resist. It didn't taste quite so good as it looked but I added a little brown sugar and lots and lots of dijon mustard to mine and I was able to swallow almost the whole filé. Impressive for a girl who last year, as in two weeks ago, could barely stand the smell of fish. Christofer was happy and amazed, which makes me happy...

   Christofer has had worship music on for the past half hour, amazing how it automatically fills the atmosphere with God's peace. There truly is none like our God.

  Off to spend some time away from the ever consuming internet.

To a year filled with new experiences... adieu

The recipe

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Caroline said...

jag hinner visst läsa! och jag vill hinna hänga med dig innan jag åker också, när jag inte är jobbig och jobbar. vi borde ha en fun-date! komma iväg och göra något mysigt tycker jag..